In our 10 years of trajectory, we have partnered all over the world. We have developed a wide range of solutions in mechanical engineering in different market segments. Check out our portfolio here, and get to know some companies that trust Vibroacoustic for their projects.

Electric Power Generation

Development of experimental modal analysis, operational deflection shape, and operational modal analysis.

Wind Power Generation

We work in rotor dynamics, problem diagnosis, and identification of critical frequencies.

Electric Motor Diagnostics

Our analyzes and simulations helped to accurately identify and troubleshoot electric motors. We use noise signature analysis and Artificial Intelligence algorithms to ensure better performance.

Automotive Technology

We have developed a series of solutions for the automotive industry. NVH analysis, modal analysis, road tests, synthesis and data analysis are part of the arsenal of techniques and knowledge developed at VibroAcústica.

General Noise Analysis

Several sound analyzes make up the solutions offered by VibroAcústica – pressure level, power, intensity and identification of noise sources are some of the services offered to companies.

Oil and gas

Set of simulations developed to diagnose platform problems. Dynamic, operational vibration, stress, transport, explosion and noise simulations helped improve equipment performance.

Thermodynamic Simulations

We developed a series of thermodynamic simulations. Fluid flow, oil pumping, temperature distribution, valve movement, pressure variations, gas pulsation, vibration, noise and efficiency, for better operation of company equipment.