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Tuesday, Apr 26
engenheiro edmar baars segura um protótipo em frente a uma mesa com um computador e dois monitores, na antiga sede da vibroacustica

Vibroacustica was born with a focus on acoustics and vibrations, but has since expanded to offer a complete range of mechanical engineering solutions for several different market segments.

In this text, we will present the complete story of this evolution, from the first meetings in the apartment of one of the partners to the move to a complete industrial park.

The idea of undertaking

Vibroacustica started its activities in 2010, composed of three partners. Among them, only Edmar Baars remains in the company.

Edmar was a fellow in several different laboratories at the Federal University of Santa Catarina during graduation.

Among the projects in which he participated were software to simulate noise inside industrial warehouses, development of projects for loudspeakers, and simulation models for the satellite built in partnership between Brazil and China.

Afterwards, he completed his postgraduate studies and started working at Embraco, a reference company in refrigeration. He remained with the company until 2010, in the role of development manager.

The idea of undertaking and creating solutions to specific problems in the automotive industry already existed, so it is in this period that Vibroacustica appears.

The first years

Through its network of contacts, Vibroacustica engineers closed a project with Fiat, its first major client, for the development of materials for acoustic insulation in automobiles.

The first meetings even took place in Edmar’s apartment, as the company still did not have much infrastructure.

At that time, the first tests were carried out in a 50 m² box at a kart track, and eventually at the Randon Test Field (which is now a partner of the company).

For logistical reasons, the company moved from Joinville to Caxias do Sul, in Rio Grande do Sul, to a house with about 150 m².

The membership also begins to change: Edmar Baars remains and, in 2012, enters Celso Kenzo Takemori, a professional with a lot of expertise in simulations.

It is at this moment that the company’s activities begin to expand: in addition to the automotive sector, it also begins to work with the refrigeration and compressors market.

Subsequently, it also enters the oil and gas markets and, over the years, continues to develop solutions for other areas.

Today, Vibroacustica is characterized by offering services and complete solutions for mechanical engineering.

Return to Joinville

In 2013, the company returned to Joinville, to a house of about 220 m², where it stayed until 2021.

At this time, it is characterized the investment of income in the purchase of equipment, resulting in a modern and adequate infrastructure for the accomplishment of several types of tests.

During the period, several people passed through the company, from engineers to interns. Another milestone was the greater contact with the refrigeration market, especially due to the impact of political and economic crises in Brazil on the automotive sector.

It is at this time that the first international works also appear, in partnership with a Chinese refrigeration company.

The current moment

The new phase of Vibroacustica is being built in the Perini Industrial Park, where the company has a complete structure, with 610 m²! A giant evolution compared to the box at the Joinville kart track.

In addition to all the equipment acquired in these little more than 10 years of operation, the company also has four rooms for the development of projects, including a test room with an acoustic chamber.

In this new phase, the company also intends to increase its service portfolio (which is already quite broad).

Currently, Vibroacustica develops solutions in vibrations and acoustics, thermodynamics, structural tests, rotor dynamics analysis, fluid dynamics, among others.

The idea is also to enter the areas of durability, reliability and structural analysis. To this end, it has strategic partnerships, such as Brüel & Kjær, a reference in equipment for acoustic tests, and Randon, where we also carry out some tests with our equipment.

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